T H E  S T O R Y  B E H I N D  T Y C H O  B R A H E  W A T C H E S

Our Name – besides being an awesome name – is a tribute to the Danish pioneer in the world of astronomy. A colorful person with a lot of awesome stories. Tycho achieved great milestones within his field of science while having a remarkable life. We admire this ability to balance life – striving for success while enjoying life. That is how we want to live our lives. So we wanted to bring this way of life into the universe of our watches.

The story about Tycho Brahe is a story about a boy who goes his own way and who end up being one of his times most famous astronomers. His story includes fun anecdotes that makes Tycho a very interesting person.

Once upon a time a boy called Tyge (Latin; Tycho) was born in Denmark and he was destined to do great things. He was raised by his uncle and aunt – one the richest families in Denmark at that time. From a young age he was expected to study law so that one day he could be adviser to the rulers of Denmark. But the boy was not interested in law; he would rather stay up all night watching the night sky.

This interest became his obsession and from a young age he started doing some extraordinary observations and calculations. As he did not tell his uncle about his real interest, he did not have the funds for expensive equipment, so he build his own. And with these instruments he observed the Nova Stella – the new star that should make him famous. This was the start of a career that made Tycho one of the most famous naked eye astronomers of all time.

But the story about Tycho does also contain interesting stories. During his studies he went into a sword duel over a mathematical argument with one of his fellow students. In this fight he lost the tip of his nose, and he later got a fake nose in silver. Another story tells that he had a pet moose that followed him around. One day the moose followed him into a drinking party, where some of the guests found it funny to give beer to the moose. The drunken moose then slipped down some stairs and broke a leg. Tycho then had to put the moose to sleep.

Tycho’s story is why we found him so interesting that we wanted to name our watches after him. We hope that you find his story just as exciting as we do.

Tycho Brahe Watches
Tycho Brahe Watches